Конкурсы и фестивали фотокниг

Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award

Срок подачи заявки - 7 мая.
Подробнее на сайте - http://www.rencontres-arles.com/

Тип Взнос участника Условия Приз
Макет Бесплатно Endowed with a €25,000 budget, the award is open to all professional photographers and artists using photography who submit a previously unpublished dummy book. Experimental and innovative forms will receive special consideration. -

The 2016 Book Awards: Author Book Award, Historical Book Award, Photo-Text Award, The Rencontres d'Arles

Срок подачи заявки - 3 июня.
Подробнее на сайте - http://www.rencontres-arles.com/

Тип Взнос участника Условия Приз
Напечатанные книги Бесплатно, 2 копии книги не возвращаются The Author Book Award, organised with the backing of the FNAC, goes to the best author project for a contemporary photography work.

The Historical Book Award goes to the best documented book, it can either be thematic or monographic.

The new Photo-Text Award, with the support of the Fondation Jan Michalski pour l’Écriture et la Littérature, reward the best book combining images and texts, whether it be through the insertion of text into an image, the predominant space dedicated to text in a book’s layout or a piece of written work defending the photographic practice.

ELIGIBILITY: Any photography book or catalogue published between June 1st 2015 and May 31st 2016 is eligible.
Books are selected by an open call. Application for the two Awards is open to all photography books and catalogues that have been published between the 1st of June 2015 and the 31st of May 2016. Applicants must forward one application form filled for each book entered by categories, together with two copies of each book by the evening of the 3rd of JUNE 2016 at the latest (date of postmark will be taken as proof of postage), to the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie.
Prize money for each Book Award is 6000 euros. Half the allotted sum is paid to the publisher and half to the photographer (or all the authors in the case of collective works, according to the division of rights specified contractually between the publisher and the authors).

Landskrona Foto & Breadfield Dummy Award 2016

Срок подачи заявки - 17 мая.
Подробнее на сайте - http://breadfield.com/

Тип Взнос участника Условия Приз
Макет € 30 1) submit your PDF-Dummy(maximum 50 mb) and PDF application form to our upload-page: dummy.breadfield.com, download application form here: Application_Form_Dummy2016.

2) pay the entrance fee of 30 Euros.
Landskrona Foto & Breadfield Dummy Award was established in 2015 and is awarded the photographer with the most interesting Photo Book idea.The award means that the chosen photographer will have their “Dummy Project” published by Breadfield Press and Landskrona Foto during 2016/2017. The book will be printed, designed and distributed. The photographer will also receive a larger number of books to dispose over and sell. The prize is valued at approximately 15.000 euros.

Fotobookfestival Dummy Award

Срок подачи заявки - 15 мая.
Подробнее на сайте - http://fotobookfestival.org/

Тип Взнос участника Условия Приз
Макет € 34 The Fotobookfestival Kassel invites again all photographers to present their so-far unpublished photobooks to an international public and to eminent experts. In 2016 the best 50 books will be shortlisted by a pre-jury and will be exhibited at international photo events. From these 50 titles, 3 winners will be chosen by an international jury of experts during the 8. Fotobookfestival Kassel at the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing. The winner of the First Prize will be given the opportunity to realize their dummy as a «real» book in cooperation with our production partner, k-books, Germany.
The Second Prize is a book production voucher valued at € 500;
the Third Prize is a voucher valued at € 300 given by our partner, k-books.

Royal Photographic Society International Photobook Exhibition 2016

Срок подачи заявки - 31 июля.
Подробнее на сайте - http://www.rps.org/

Тип Взнос участника Условия Приз
Самиздат, макеты, artist books £25.00, £10 for 25 years old or under entrants. Books are returnable where return postage is supplied.

You will only be allowed to enter one book per person.
Entry is open to books created since January 2014 (one per entrant) and can be self-published, book dummies and artist books. Short-listed entries will be exhibited in London next Autumn. Entries may be self-published, photobook dummies or artist’s photobooks. They may be produced by on-line digital print services, by offset printing or any other processes. Handmade books are also accepted. Only physical copies will be acceptable. No PDF’s or e-books permitted.

Commercial book trade publications will not be allowed.

Only one book per entrant. The book must be the author’s own work, (however books containing found images may be used, provided their source is stated). Books must have been created between 1 January 2014 and the closing date of 31 July 2016.
Society Medals and Awards

Winner - Society Medal and a Prize of £1000.
Society Medals and Prizes of on-demand print services to the value of £150 for second place and £100 for third place from Bob Books.

Photobook Bristol FIRST BOOK / DUMMY BOOK 2016

Срок подачи заявки - 1 мая.
Подробнее на сайте - http://photobookbristol.com/

Тип Взнос участника Условия Приз
Первая опубликованная книга или макет Бесплатно – An A4 with book info (eg: press release).

– Any photos or videos as well as a link to webpage.

– Online submission is free.

– Send info to alex@icvl.co.uk
We are not asking for hardcopy books yet, only electronic submissions accepted. We will make a shortlist with a selection of submitted books (unfortunately we cannot show all the books submitted) which will be displayed in the book room during the festival.Selected authors will have to send a physical copy of the book once they are notified. Submitted books won’t be returned and they will be part of the PBB Library which will be travelling around in the future.

Self Publish Riga

Срок подачи заявки - 30 апреля.
Подробнее на сайте - http://photobookbristol.com/

Тип Взнос участника Условия Приз
Неопубликованные фотокниги и макеты книг, изготовленные вручную Бесплатно The paper photobook dummy must be classified as a dummy book. This can either be a scrapbook dummy or a self-published book. Published books with a registration number (ISBN) are not considered dummies and will not be eligible for the shortlist.
By submitting your work you grant us permission to exhibit your dummy during Riga Photomonth 2016 and to use it for promotional purposes. Visitors of the exhibition will be able to browse the shortlisted photobook dummies.
You can either have your dummy returned to you afterwar the contest or (encouraged!) donate it to the ISSP library for further educational purposes - please indicate your choise in the application form. If you wish your dummy to be returned, you must include a self-addressed and stamped envelope so we can post it back to you.


1. Fill in the contest entry form, print it out and save the file.

2. Send us your photobook dummy together with the print-out of the entry form.
Raiņa bulvāris 31 - 11
Riga LV-1050

3. After posting the book, email us an electronic version of the entry form to evita@issp.lv.
- The winner will be awarded a free place at the International Summer School of Photography 2016 in a workshop of their choice;

- A selection of shortlisted dummies will be part of the Riga Photomonth SELF PUBLISH RIGA exhibition in May/June 2016;

- Best works will be featured on YET Magazine and FK Magazine;

- The Top Ten will be included in a special online feature.

The Unseen Dummy Award

Срок подачи заявки - 1 июля по почте.
Подробнее на сайте - http://unseenamsterdam.com/

Тип Взнос участника Условия Приз
Макет € 30 Submission must be a physical photobook dummy. Books submitted for Unseen Dummy Award may not be (self) published and offered for (pre)sale prior to the award. 
All image and text rights must be secured upon submission. There is a limit of one book-entry per candidate, to be completed via the online application form. Administration fees must be paid at the time of application. The winning photobook will be published in an edition of between 500 and 1,000 copies, depending on the book specifications. Unseen will cover all printing related costs. The artist(s) will receive 100 copies. Lecturis will be responsible for the sales and distribution of the remaining copies of which it will also receive the profits.

Unseen reserves the right to make changes to the winning photobook dummy in order to make the production feasible. All changes will be discussed and confirmed with the artist(s) and Lecturis (publisher). Copyright will remain with the artist(s), but upon winning, the rights to publish and sell the first edition of the book will be transferred to Unseen. In the case of a reprint, a new deal will be negotiated. An honorarium for the designers and photographer will not be provided.

Photobookshow Kyiv

Срок подачи заявки - 26 мая.
Подробнее на сайте - http://photobookshow.co.uk/

Тип Взнос участника Условия Приз
- € 30 Чтобы привлечь внимание мирового фото-сообщества к украинским фотографам и их книгам, мы обьявляем набор работ для фотографов из Украины. Книги/журналы можно присылать с 10-го февраля до 26 мая по адресу: Photobookshow Ya Gallery, улица Хорива 49Б, 14001, Киев. Также, авторы смогут принести свои работы на выставку.

Присланные книги/журналы станут частью архива Photobookshow.co.uk в Великобритании и могут быть использованы для будущих выставок, исследований и публикаций на нашем сайте.

International Book Awards

Срок подачи заявки - с 1 июня.
Подробнее на сайте - http://internationalbookawards.com/

European Publishers Award for photography

Срок подачи заявки - информация появится в июне.
Подробнее на сайте - http://www.dewilewis.com/

Тип Взнос участника Условия Приз
- - The Award is currently under review. A further announcement will be made in June. The winning project is then published in book form simultaneously by each of the publishers. Additionally, in recent years the winning photographer has had the opportunity to exhibit their work during the following Rencontres d’Arles.

2016 Paris Photo - Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards

Срок подачи заявки - 15 мая-9 сентября.
Подробнее на сайте - http://aperture.org/

Тип Взнос участника Условия Приз
- - - The First PhotoBook Prize of $10,000 will be awarded to the photographer(s)/artist(s) whose first photobook is judged to be best of the year.

The PhotoBook of the Year Prize will be awarded to the photographer(s)/artist(s), and publisher responsible, for the photobook judged to be the best of the year.

The Photography Catalogue of the Year Prize will be awarded to the publication, publisher, and/or organizing institution(s) responsible for the exhibition catalogue or museum publication judged to be the best of the year.

PhotoEspaña Photography Book Award 2016

Срок подачи заявки - 31 марта.

Тип Взнос участника Условия Приз
- - All nationalities presenting photography books edited between 1st March 2015 and 1st March 2016.

To participate, please fill in the application form here. Once you have registered on-line, print a copy of the form and send it with two copies of each publication to the following address:
PHotoEspaña 2014. Premio al Mejor Libro de Fotografía.
C/Verónica, 13
28014 Madrid

FOTOBOKFESTIVAL OSLO / Nordic dummy award 2016

Срок подачи заявки - 15 июня.
Подробнее на сайте - http://www.nordicdummyaward.no/

Тип Взнос участника Условия Приз
- 300 NOK Artists with a connection to the Nordic countries are invited to submit their unpublished photobook to the Nordic Dummy Award.

The author must have a connection to the Nordic countries (Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Åland Islands). This is the case if the artist is based in one of these countries, has stayed in one of these countries for a considerable amount of time (studies, residency) and/or possesses citizenship of one of those countries. Books are also eligible if their content has a connection to the Nordic countries. Books that do not apply to these rules will not be considered.

The applicant must register by filling out the online application form available on this site under the button SUBMIT YOUR DUMMY by the deadline: 15 June 2016. In this form the applicant must give a short statement of the authors Nordic connection together with a description of the project, and upload a CV in PDF format. The physical dummy must be sent to Fotogalleriet and postmarked by the deadline: 15 June 2016.
The shortlisted books including the winner are exhibited and announced during the Fotobokfestival Oslo from 8 - 18 September 2016. These dummies will then go on a tour to several different Nordic countries. The winner dummy will be produced by the renowned publishing house Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg in collaboration with Fotogalleriet. The winner photobook will be launched at FFO in 2017. Fotogalleriet commits to provide an amount of 60.000 NOK for the production of the book.

DOCfield Dummy Award Fundació Banc Sabadell

Срок подачи заявки - 11 мая.
Подробнее на сайте - http://docfieldbarcelona.org/

Тип Взнос участника Условия Приз
- Бесплатно Send your registration form to ines@photographicsocialvision.org

Send a dummy of the project to:
Inés Casals
DOCfield Dummy Award Fundació Banc Sabadell
Trafalgar 19, ppal 1ª B
08010 Barcelona
Tel.: 93 217 36 63
First Prize:
- Printing of a limited-edition photobook valued at 3,000 euros.
- Participation in the exhibition organized by The Folio Club, alongside the other shortlisted dummies.
- Incorporation of the winning dummy and photobook in the private collection of the Fundació Banc Sabadell.
- With the author’s consent, consultation on the editing and design of the photobook with the Photographic Social Vision Foundation, previous to printing.
- With the author’s consent, consultation with The Folio Club on the printing, distribution, and sale of the photobook.

- Participation in the exhibition organized by The Folio Club, alongside the winning dummy.

Fiebre photobook

Срок подачи заявки - декабрь.
Подробнее на сайте - http://www.fiebrephotobook.com/
Взнос участника € 15.

Le PhotobookFest Rock Your Dummy!

Срок подачи заявки - октябрь-ноябрь.
Подробнее на сайте - http://lephotobookfest.com/

Тип Взнос участника Условия Приз
- - – Your dummy must be the maquette of an unpublished book.
– No electronic version accepted.
– Open to all ! No age or nationality limits.
– The shipping fees (go and return) are at your cost.
– Send your complete name & address, email + name of the book + year of making.
– You agree that your dummy will be manipulated by hundreds of people and might be a bit damaged (the price to pay for success!!).


Срок подачи заявки - 24 апреля.
Подробнее на сайте - http://www.viennaphotobookfestival.com/

Тип Взнос участника Условия Приз
- The application is free of charge. 6 Meetings (20 min each): € 144 (incl. 20% VAT) The ViennaPhotoBookReview, which had already successfully taken place two times, will be continued this year, one day before the festival starts, on Friday, June 10, 2016.
The deadline for the submissions is April 24, 2016. Out of all the submissions, 30 photographers will be selected. There are no limitations regarding age or nationality. The conversations will take place in German or English.

To register, please send an e-mail with name, address, phone number, short artist bio, a brief project description (max. 800 character), and a pdf of your photobook dummy (max. 20 MB) to review@viennaphotobookfestival.com. The photobook dummy has to be unpublished and/or a maximum edition of 20. Note: Please bring your physical photobook dummy to the reviews!

Level of work expected at the reviews: We strive to keep the level of work of participants high, but recent graduates and non-professionals are also welcome.
The 1st prize is a book publication by AnzenbergerEdition (covers production costs of Euro 5000).

Spine Dummy Award ->Open Spine

Срок подачи заявки - 3 января.

Тип Взнос участника Условия Приз
- Бесплатно Open Spine is a workshop to bring your own photobook on its way. Guided by self-publishing authors, for self-publishing authors. Together with Nico and Michela, we will discuss a wide range of books (not all of them being photobooks) and take a careful look on their form and contents to find the key to your own work. We will work on practical aspects of bookmaking – editing, sequencing, choice of materials – and on other important aspects like the diffusion and distribution of your book. We are looking for a diverse range of projects. No matter how long you have been working on yours, we would like to help you to get a new, unique and inspiring book out there.
Send us proposals with a selection of at least 20 images and tell us why you feel your project should become a book.
For the application you should submit:

I. A short biography
II. A text about your project
III. Minimum 20 images from your project

* The workshop is conducted in English
* The workshop is tuition free

Workshop dates: January 28th – February 2nd, 2016
* The dummy books produced during the workshop will be printed as 10-20 editions after the workshop


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